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Alisha McGlothan

Jessica NeCamp is a brave and strong woman I met her last summer when she put on the wild woman retreat Jessica was facing her own health issues and was still there spreading hope and love to the rest of us. I hope I will have many opportunities to be in her presence in the future 

Mary Loesch

Jennifer Coulier-Smith

We were talking at the Red Tent meeting yesterday about how women dislike and distrust other women. Women are competitive with each other and always seen as a threat. The goal seems to be to one up other women, look prettier, get the "prince", obtain more and for people like me, other women can be intimidating. I say that because I’m not competitive. I let the other girl win. I don't fight over a man or anything else. I don't try to stick out or win or try to get what I think I deserve. I'm learning to change that and develop a sisterhood with other women rather than focusing my attention to almost exclusively male friendships. I have daughters I have a mother and a sister so already I have trusting female relationship so it's not all what it seems. Still, I can do better at embracing my very own gender, and it starts at perception. We, as women, need to change how we view and look after one another. That's part of what the Red Tent is all about. Yay sisters!

Julie Humphrey


Jessica, what an amazing experience you provided at the very first Red Tent West Michigan gathering. I attended with three of my friends and we all were amazed at the connection we felt with a community of women we had never met before. Your home and the atmosphere were so warm and enveloping. Thank you so much for providing such a valuable community in West Michigan.

Amber Carlston


Thank you for hosting. (Trance Dance) I was not sure what to expect because as it was going on I really did not think any healing was occurring, but afterwards I felt so much lighter and today I feel so much clarity in my thoughts. Guess it worked after all. 

Mary Standing Otter

I am proud to know Jessica NeCamp. She is a champion of women. She is caring and supportive with a spine of steel.

Jessica is an open hearted and open minded student and a compassionate teacher with integrity.

She is kind and funny.

❤️I love her.


About the Wild Woman Weekend

Julie Alexander


Here is my testimonial: I have been to one Red Tent event. I would have loved to come to more, but I seem to always have conflicts during the summer. The event that I went to was a trance dance in which we were reclaiming our sacred sexuality. I found it to be incredibly empowering and deeply spiritual. There are many women's groups and ways for women to come together and feel empowered, but I am particularly partial to Red Tent because it is also a spiritual experience. One does not need to ascribe to any particular faith to be a part of it. The trance dance was a chance to go inward. We were blindfolded which made the journey inward easier. I was an opportunity for my soul to reclaim my sex. And my sex should belong to my soul as much as to my body. It was a beautiful experience and I am so grateful that I was able to attend.

Faith Groesbeck

Rebecca McCroskey


Trance Dance is new to me. Came in with a "what the hell" attitude; open to "whatever came up". This was a great experience for me! Loved it, and felt energized afterward!

Lilith Coon


Thank you so much for hosting this! (Trance Dance) It was definitely needed and one of the best experiences of my life!


About the Wild Woman Weekend

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Jessica NeCamp. From the moment, I met her, my intuition told me she her values were aligned with my own. In situations of conflict, she handles matters maturely, considering all perspectives. I have always felt safe confronting Jessica if I disagreed with her on something because she is diplomatic and thoughtful, as well as passionate. She is such an asset to our community


About the Wild Woman Weekend


About the Wild Woman Weekend

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