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Sacred Medicine Sisterhood

The Sacred Medicine Sisterhood is an online community and spiritual movement dedicated to helping women reclaim their power and heal from the wounds of the past. It is a safe and sacred space for women to connect with each other, share their stories, and heal together. The Sacred Medicine Sisterhood provides tools and resources to support women in their journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Founded by Rae Brassell (
Jessica NeCamp), Sacred Medicine Sisterhood is based in Muskegon Michigan.  We hold monthly gatherings close to the Full Moon, in honor of our own cyclical nature.  Though many of us are eclectically spiritual in some fashion, women of all walks of life are welcomed here with open arms.  Often times our gatherings are themed, so that we may have a topic of discussion, but sometimes we gather just to be in a quiet, safe, sacred space free to be the Goddess that we are.  Our goal for Sacred Medicine Sisterhood is to provide a monthly space for women to gather and participate in activities which promote sharing, healing, creativity and self-care in ways that nourish us all, mind, body and soul.
Sometimes that looks like sharing what is going on in our lives or silently lighting a candle for the women we know who are struggling.  We sing, dance, tell stories, create, share food, and sisterhood.

Our space is a haven. A place of no judgement, where women can gather and find real authentic sisterhood regardless of economic background or status. Nothing fancy required, just showing up real, you. I won’t promise you vegan chef quality meals, or yoga retreats. There won’t be any gurus or expensive membership fees either. Just a bunch of wild crazy women baring our souls, finding ourselves, and supporting one another in the process. To me it makes you nothing more than a jailer if you have keys to freedom but demand a price for it. Besides, what’s more costly than being vulnerable and authentic anyway? Our rawness is the most expensive gift we have to give.
We also do traveling Red Tent, taking our fabric and our love on the road to festivals and such, to share with others who may not be familiar with Red Tent.  We never know who we might inspire to start a Red Tent, or touch in such a way that it sparks healing.  
We have started fundraising efforts to bring hope, support, or communication to those who are in need.  Activism has become part of who we are.  Not only do we want a better world for ourselves, but for all women, who we see as our Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunts, Sisters, and Daughters.  

Rae Brassell

Rae Brassell is a neurodivergent, queer, tree talking, moon whispering, feminist witch.  As the Founder of Sacred Medicine Sisterhood, she has hosted many events from Red Tent Temples, Movie Screenings, International Women's Day Exhibits, Goddess Retreats and Wild Woman Weekends.  She is also a Women’s Trance Dance Facilitator, and has led workshops and ceremonies across the state.

As a Board Member and the Events Coordinator at Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary, she plans the annual events as well as performing other volunteer duties.  

As a Disciple of and speaker on the Divine Feminine, she studies and searches for the history of the Divine Feminine across time within different cultures; as well as the struggles of women throughout history and today. She loves to share her knowledge with others, as well as advocating for the protection and care of Mother Earth.   A survivor of poverty, child abuse, child sexual abuse, and domestic violence; she seeks to be an advocate for marginalized peoples in whichever capacity she can.  That includes teaching boys and men that they are sacred too; advocating for their quest for wholeness.  As a mother of two boys Rae understands the impact a Mother has on her sons, and seeks to lead them in loving themselves as creation and creator, so that they may see the world (within and without) as holy.  

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