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Wild Woman Weekend
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About the Wild Woman Weekend

Last weekend I went to a Women's Wellness Retreat...and I'm not sure even with the giant post I'm about to make that it can describe the weekend properly; but as I processed and cried my eyes out on my drive home, I talk to texted my thoughts out loud. I'd like to get all of this out before my brain gets back into the groove of what my day-to-day life looks like and I forget the most important Parts of the weekend. Women's only spaces....are thing. A Beautiful thing. I spent my weekend surrounded by healers and not Just in the traditional sense; Trauma nurses, other advocates both peer and parent, Mental health professionals, Somatic sexual healers, yoga instructors, henna artists....And the mothers, daughters and sisters healing generational wounds and trauma. Both In themselves And In each other.. Providing space to hear one another's stories. And providing the insight that each individual Women brought with them. With no make up and no shaving and no one to tell us how we should look or behave. Feeling a connection to someone from across a field and making an effort to connect with them authentically. Sharing our Deepest wounds and Biggest fears and darkest regrets.... Acknowledging and releasing the guilt and shame that comes with surviving the world as no matter how painful. I have never felt more seen and more appreciated in my rawest form until I did this retreat. ♥ I learned that when women heal themselves they also heal backward and forward In time. ♥ I learned that my judgment of others comes from judgment of myself. I learned that if I can let go of that Judgment it will release the judgment on the other side. I'm one of those people that likes to assume the good and everyone and assume that everyone is doing the very best that they can with what they have but what I learned is that it's OK If I assume that I am also doing the best that I can with what I have.. I learned that I can't keep growing If I Stay angry. I released the energy of what I feel are the biggest Betrayals I have ever experienced and I will not allow them to control me anymore. I realize that I am not a result of my trauma, as long as I stop giving that trauma space to thrive. I think my whole life I've treated my trauma like a little thing in a petri dish.... keeping it cozy with anger and resentment. And pretending that it is contained though inside that containment it builds a Colony .... A colony that until this weekend was stronger than my circle. I really learned this weekend what it means to have your cup filled. If you've never been to one, or want to know more, please ask and I will share information. The group I went with Sacred Medicine Sisterhood puts on several events a year. Spoilers: It's not a cult, it's not an orgy, it's literally the safest space I've ever found to be seen, and be part of something bigger than your own hurt.

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Wild Woman Weekend 2023
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