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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Camping like?

Camping is in the open field.  There are not designated camping spots, however there is plenty of room for the number of people that will be coming.  

There are no fires allowed in field, therefore there is no fire near the tents.  There are two fire pits on the property for use.  

What are the Toilets like?

In 2017 a double outhouse was built on the property of Wolf Run.  It has portajohn tanks inside that get cleaned out at least twice during the summer depending on usage.  Each room has plenty of space, and are designed to accommodate a wheelchair.  They are also ventilated with solar powered fans, and lit with solar powered lights.  The pic on the right is of construction.  In 2023 Wolf Run built a 2nd double outhouse.  In 2024 we hope to add a new shower to the building.

Are there Showers?

There is one Solar Shower.  No, it doesn't last a long time, so you DO have to be conservative with your water usage.  Wolf Run in the process of creating a hot water storage system. Yes, it is solar powered so if it's cloudy all day the water will be cold. But at the end of June it tends to be hot, so who is really complaining? 

Are girls under 18 allowed?



Girls under 18 are allowed and welcomed, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.  

We are working creating a child free event as well, but in the meantime, we are working on kids programming and safe spaces.

What about Food? 

We provide coffee and tea every morning during morning check in.  Breakfast is up to you, however we do ask for donations of breakfast items for presenters and those who may have forgotten to bring something.  If we get enough people volunteering, and donations, we will make breakfast Sunday morning.

Lunch and dinner are potluck style.  We ask everyone to bring something to share with the community.  Please be sure to label your containers with possible allergens. Hand washing  will help us continue this tradition, in the time of covid.

If I buy a ticket and then have to cancel, will my money be returned?



As long as you cancel more than a month out. 


There are NO refunds after May 28th! 

After May 28th, I most likely won't be able to fill the spot that you took.  I do not make money off of this event.  Every dollar that comes in from ticket sales goes to making this the best experience possible.  That's one of the many reasons why tickets are so affordable.  I have a high value on making this event accessible to as many women as possible, regardless of economic status.  However, we do have a limited amount of space, so each spot is precious.  

Please plan accordingly.

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