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Looks Far Woman


"Mother, teach me how to see the shining lights of stars, the faces of the Ancestors, in worlds both near and far.

Show me how to welcome the visions appearing to me, seeing the truth in detail, unraveling each mystery.

Walk me through the Dreamtime of altered time and space, that I may share those visions
With every creed and race.

Doorkeeper of all dimensions, I seek your Medicine ways of how to earth my visions,
Seeing truth, inside me, today

— The 13 Original Clan Mothers

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A little about Sacred Medicine Sisterhood

Finding our Medicine Together

Our space is a haven. A place of no judgement, where women can gather and find real authentic sisterhood regardless of economic background or status. Nothing fancy required, just showing up real, you. 


We are a group of Wild  Women baring our souls, finding ourselves, and supporting one another in the process.


Besides, what’s more costly than being vulnerable and authentic anyway? Our rawness is the most expensive gift we have to give.

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