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Wild Woman Weekend

June 20-23 2024

6879 60th Ave, Remus, MI 49340

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Our Presenters

in alphabetical order

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Angie Fox

I am a Chakradance facilitator and body relationship specialist. I am also a yoga instructor and licensed massage therapist who has been in the healing and support world for over 20 years. In my spare time, I enjoy walks in nature as well as meeting plant allies in the forest and making herbal remedies.

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Crista Metzger-Leady

I have an artists heart, always finding beauty in things others overlook. I discovered the power of boudoir Photography over a decade ago, and have been showing women the beauty of their own bodies ever since. I hold a BFA in glassblowing, and work in Mental health as an advocate and program coordinator in an effort to increase awareness of, and help prevent youth suicide. I'm a proud Mom of a trans and neurodivergent youth, and a compersionist by nature. 

The Naked I Photography specializes in empowering women through the natural capture of their bodies. I believe boudoir is for everybody, and EVERY body. I enjoy showing women their bodies as they are and helping them appreciate their beauty in a way that they may have never seen it before.

For more info visit:  Link

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Heather Ward

My mediumship started when I was about 20 years old. I noticed an intuition that would occur around pregnant women. After starting to pick up on these coincidences; I started to pay attention and began noticing my gifts evolved into recognizing spirits that were around me. Overall, it took about 4 years to recognize and develop my craft into what it is today. Learning and growing in this work never stops. I invest time and energy into my craft everyday to better my skills and mediumship to better serve my clients.

Mediums possess many different types of clairvoyant abilities, Mediumship is just one of many. My gifts include Channeling, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience. Those unfamiliar with Spiritualism may not be aware of the distinction between psychics and mediums. A psychic may not be a medium, for instance, but a medium is a psychic. Psychics use their intuition to sense information about the past, present, and future. Mediums take these abilities and use them to interact with the spirit world.

For more info please visit: link

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Holly Stafford

I'm a crone now, I was a daughter among 5 sisters and I bore 6 daughters, (5 of which I had at home) plus my step son and step daughter. I have 6 step grandchildren and 5 biological grandchildren. I sometimes joke that I have been parenting all my life. It isn't actually a joke.

I am best known for the small metaphysical shop I own and operate, Mother Moon, which grew out of my own journey into spirit and knowledge and a quest for healing.

I consider myself a witch, understanding that the root of that word, the old English 'wick' meant life force energy, something like chi in the language of energy healing. In this context a witch is one who is connected and conscious of that life force and the nature through which it flows and is felt. Since I like to poke around in the fields and woods and hedges and my favorite thing is gardening, hedge witch is an apt title.

I studied art when I attended Hope College, which was an experience that I credit with putting me on a pagan path, although I have been a student of shamanism since my teens.

As part of my healing journey I've learned a bit about crystals, herbalism, homeopathy, and other vibrational modalities. My drug of choice is fire walking.

For more info please visit: link

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Jennifer Price Stamper

Jennifer Elyria Stamper started dancing as a child in the 80’s. Through the years she explored different forms of dance, theatre, music and athletics. In 2012 she discovered Belly Dance! Falling hard for the Ancient form of Dance and its rich culture she now Directs Kindred Sisters Dance Troupe as a certified Belly Dance Instructor, and a certified Trauma Informed Dance Instructor. She also leads Fire & Spice Flow Arts, Sky Dancer Productions Virtual Shows and is the Entertainment Director for Path of the Old Ways Festivals. All of her endeavors were created with sisterhood at the forefront. Community for women find love for their bodies through movement, and create a safe place to be themselves.

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Julie Harrel Dennis

My name is Julie Harrell-Dennis, I've been a Wiccan Witch for the last 22 years. I read tarot cards professionally along with runes and oracle cards. I'm currently a student at the University of Michigan Flint and my major is psychology. I love yoga, cats, and reading.

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Kristy Ward

My name is Kristy, and I love to teach about spiritual and esoteric concepts. I am a mother of two college students. a retired educator, and owner of Mystic Momentum, LLC. I teach flow arts and prop manipulation with and without fire. I spend a lot of my time making videos for YouTube and TikTok about nature, nutrition, as well as spiritual and esoteric concepts. I have a masters in the art of education and was trained as a Reiki Master. I currently offer Biofield Tuning Sessions with tuning forks to help people better process through distortions in their energetic field.

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Melissa Landrum

Hello! I'm Melissa, I founded Moon Guidance Embodiment and White Raven Co-Working Studios. I specialize in creating sacred containers for healing and transformation. Drawing on my training as a Trauma-informed Yoga Instructor, Mindfulness Coach, Reiki Master, Breathwork Facilitator, Crystal Healer, Sound Healer and Spiritual Ministry as an ordained Pagan Minister. I offer compassionate support for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. My mission is to empower others to reconnect with their bodies, minds, and spirits, facilitating self-discovery and inner healing. I integrate trauma-informed principles into all aspects of my work, ensuring each person feels seen, heard, and supported. I work with women through goddess circles, rituals, ceremony, sound, energy and intuitive movement to connect inward to harness the healing within.

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Michelle Ketvirtis

Hi, my name is Michelle Ketvirtis. I am the founder of Rooted Women's Wellness. I am an Ayurvedic Health Consultant, Reiki Practitioner, and Women's Circle Facilitator. I earned my bachelor's degree in Ayurvedic Wellness and Integrative Health from Maharishi International University in 2022. I am Reiki I and II certified in the Usui lineage and a Master Circle Facilitator through Sistership Circle. I empower women to understand and support their body's natural rhythms, cycles, and ability to heal through Ancient Wisdom and Cyclical Living.

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Nan Nickson

Nan Nickson is a local artist who experiments with mixed media to create sculpture that is usually figurative, often references women’s work, and is always unique. From her artist’s statement: My work is process driven. I abandoned committing to an end product because I always discover something more interesting along the way. So I let that happen now. To my eye art at its best is powerful, compelling, and beautiful. I reveal to my viewer the dual nature of illusion - a visual and felt impression - of a moment in time that shows the structure and materials involved for what they are. Artifice revealing illusion. I seek to inspire feeling, visceral as despair - with awe that is transcendent. That is a lot to ask of art, but is the kind of question that art should answer. I accept the age old challenge to the artist - to create work that inspires. This work is about timelessness, death, and what is left behind. It is about permanence, decay, and joy. It is still, and in motion. Contradictions. To see my work visit my facebook group -Twisted Sister Art 

To Learn more: Link

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Rae Brassell

Rae Brassell is the Founder of Sacred Medicine Sisterhood, where she has hosted many events from Red Tent Temples, Movie Screenings, International Women's Day Exhibits, Goddess Retreats and Wild Woman Weekends.  She is also a Women’s Trance Dance Facilitator, and has led workshops and ceremonies across the state. 

As a Board Member and the Events Coordinator at Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary, she plans the annual events as well as performing other volunteer duties.  

A survivor of poverty, child abuse, child sexual abuse, and domestic violence; she seeks to be an advocate for marginalized peoples in whichever capacity she can. 

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Yvonne Glasgow

I am a practicing witch (36 years). I am a Reiki Master, empath, and intuitive, and use all of my skills to help people heal in various ways. I am also a crafter.

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