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Wild Woman Weekend

June 22-25 2023

6879 60th Ave, Remus, MI 49340

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Our Presenters

in alphabetical order

Alisha McGlothan

Alisha lives”in the middle of nowhere” in Michigan with her Husband Jon, three children and pack of animals which includes dogs, cats and chickens. Alisha started her journey with spirituality years ago when she attended a Buddhist meditation. From there her search for connection with spirit grew. Alisha then attended a shed your layers wild woman retreat that was lead by Mariana Vernon Ziel and Margo Awanata where she was introduced to the power of yoga, meditation and the beauty of holding space. As her connection with earth and spirit grew she attended a wild woman retreat at wolf run put on by Jessica Necamp (Rae Brassell) where her love for meditation grew and she found a love for walking meditation and trance dance. Alisha then continued her own learning in exploration with Kate Baldwin learning and practicing ceremony and guided totem pole meditation. Alisha was led by amazing teachers Jeannie O’neil Daniela Hess and Christopher Ananda At Yoga Farm Ithaca where she received her 200 hr YTT in Vinyasa yoga and her 300 hr YTT in kundalini yoga, Lunar wisdom, Enneagram and Ayurveda becoming a 500 hr Certified Yoga Teacher. These teachings helped her discover her ability to help others connect mind, soul and body with the elements of earth. The most important things in her life are people she dearly loves spending time with her best friends and family, Bon fires, cookouts, walking through the woods , visiting the beach and reading are some of her favorite things to do, she also enjoys shopping trips especially to flea markets, thrift shops, garage sales, and book stores. Alisha helps anyone who is looking to achieve contentment and experience connecting heart, soul, body and earth so they can feel welcome, worthy and empowered

Brenna Kelley

Hello friends! My name is Brenna, and I am a holistic doula and student midwife located in Muskegon county. My absolute passion is helping to empower women through the power of their own bodies (childbirth!) when I am not attending births I am a vinyasa yoga teacher or lost within the wilderness. 

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Chelsea Lee-Woudstra

I'm a speaker, teacher, best-selling author, massage and movement therapy specialist dedicated to helping folks shift their perspective around pain and helping healers master their craft.

Chelsea will be teaching a workshop on the 5 Fastest Ways to Shift Your Energy, and a yogic movement class on resolving hip pain.

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Colleen Acker

I am an advocate of aging well and girl power. I work for an Area Agency on Aging and am a hobbyist musician/singer, as well as WERQ instructor. I'm married and have three children and 2 grand babies. I have been singing and playing instruments most of my life, from rock bands to Irish Folk and Americana. I am also a song writer. Music and movement bring me great joy.

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Crista Metzger-Leady

I have an artists heart, always finding beauty in things others overlook. I discovered the power of boudoir Photography over a decade ago, and have been showing women the beauty of their own bodies ever since. I hold a BFA in glassblowing, and work in Mental health as an advocate and program coordinator in an effort to increase awareness of, and help prevent youth suicide. I'm a proud Mom of a trans and neurodivergent youth, and a compersionist by nature. 

The Naked I Photography specializes in empowering women through the natural capture of their bodies. I believe boudoir is for everybody, and EVERY body. I enjoy showing women their bodies as they are and helping them appreciate their beauty in a way that they may have never seen it before.

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Dede Alder

Dede Alder is a High Priestess, drummer, singer, percussionist, and teacher. She plays and sings and brings the medicine to the people. A reminder to live this life to it's fullest. I value all the people that want to look closely at our lives and our future and change it. To propel us forward with our hearts and minds.

It is a strange time to be alive, maybe every ancestor who has lived through any historical changes feels this same way. Maybe change just feels hard and strange and uncomfortable. I don't know, but one thing I'm clear on is that it is the role and job of the artist to give voice to it all. We, out of any occupation, are allowed, in fact encouraged, to look at it, question it, and explore it. What is the it? It's the disfunction, the imbalance, the ugliness, the shadow, and the beauty. It is our job to dive deeply into these subjects and give witness, and ultimately, if we do our job right, come back with the silver lining of hope. Come back with the spark that lights the fire in other's souls. That spark that reminds us of the things we used to know and our values as children. The things that disarm us. At least, this is why I make music.

Dede Alder came into this world in the form of a female human and grew up in Traverse City, MI where the need to play music filled up the never ending winter season. An Earthwork’s Artist, she is passionate about her connection with nature and all living things. She is skilled on various percussion instruments but mainly features her Marimba or Vibraphone playing, songwriting, and singing. Her Whirled Music style swirls so many elements together Folk, Reggae, Soul, Jazz and more.

Dede has been playing drums and percussion since 1998, and studied band and hand drumming before that. In 1998, she started a drum circle facilitation business called Rhythmic Adventures. She went on to study with Layne Redmond, Judy Piazza, Glen Velez, Gwendolyn Burgett Thrasher (MSU Percussion Instructor), Allesandra Belloni, and Raquy Danzinger and at the Interlochen Center for the Arts.

Dede is a professional singer, songwriter, and marimba player where she leads a band, Dede and the Dreamers, and plays and records in a freelance setting. Dede has traveled to Ireland, Italy, Istanbul, and Hawaii. Dede teaches sacred drumming, arabic percussion, and songwriting workshops internationally and locally. She is also an active online teacher with both American and Canadian students.

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Devon Kardel

Devon is currently a doctoral level clinical psychology student at the Michigan School of Psychology and obtained her Masters in Clinical Health Psychology from the University of Michigan – Dearborn. Devon also has a brain injury specialization and has worked with individuals who have experienced trauma and have traumatic brain injuries for seven years. She also has experience with couples and relationships, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress, and more. Currently, Devon is researching feminine embodiment for her dissertation work and has found deep healing through connecting to her feminine side and through the wisdom of goddess teachings. Devon is a public speaker, freelance writer on mental health topics, and consultant for several woman-focused businesses.

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Heather Ward

My mediumship started when I was about 20 years old. I noticed an intuition that would occur around pregnant women. After starting to pick up on these coincidences; I started to pay attention and began noticing my gifts evolved into recognizing spirits that were around me. Overall, it took about 4 years to recognize and develop my craft into what it is today. Learning and growing in this work never stops. I invest time and energy into my craft everyday to better my skills and mediumship to better serve my clients.

Mediums possess many different types of clairvoyant abilities, Mediumship is just one of many. My gifts include Channeling, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience. Those unfamiliar with Spiritualism may not be aware of the distinction between psychics and mediums. A psychic may not be a medium, for instance, but a medium is a psychic. Psychics use their intuition to sense information about the past, present, and future. Mediums take these abilities and use them to interact with the spirit world.

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Holly Stafford

I'm a crone now, I was a daughter among 5 sisters and I bore 6 daughters, (5 of which I had at home) plus my step son and step daughter. I have 6 step grandchildren and 5 biological grandchildren. I sometimes joke that I have been parenting all my life. It isn't actually a joke.

I am best known for the small metaphysical shop I own and operate, Mother Moon, which grew out of my own journey into spirit and knowledge and a quest for healing.

I consider myself a witch, understanding that the root of that word, the old English 'wick' meant life force energy, something like chi in the language of energy healing. In this context a witch is one who is connected and conscious of that life force and the nature through which it flows and is felt. Since I like to poke around in the fields and woods and hedges and my favorite thing is gardening, hedge witch is an apt title.

I studied art when I attended Hope College, which was an experience that I credit with putting me on a pagan path, although I have been a student of shamanism since my teens.

As part of my healing journey I've learned a bit about crystals, herbalism, homeopathy, and other vibrational modalities. My drug of choice is fire walking.

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Laura Capps

I have consciously been on my spiritual path for the past 13 years chasing who and what I was not along with finding bits and pieces of myself along the way. I have done numerous ceremony and initiations throughout the years thinking nothing would ever work out for me. One day everything just made sense as to why nothing was.

Rachel C..JPG
Rachel Crowther

Rachel is a Michigan Native who fell in love with the outdoors while living in Boulder Colorado. After relocating back to the Mitten, Rachel and her family ( Teagan-12 and Aspen-8) settled in Rockford. Rachel has always been a seeker, seeking love, knowledge and adventure through her love of music, hiking, yoga and Roller Derby. After a career in hospitality and many wild hobbies later Rachel found yoga and began sharing yoga in her community. 
Rachel has been teaching yoga for over 3-years and holds a 500-RYT with Yoga alliance as well as a Certified Children's Yoga Instructors, RCYT and is a trainer and instructor for Kidding Around Yoga. In the last year after successfully completing a Trauma Informed Yoga Educator-100 course Rachel has shifted her focus to healing trauma through yoga and leads yoga classes designed to facilitate that healing journey. Rachel along with her business partner opened Aptitude Fitness + Yoga in January of 2021, located in downtown Rockford.

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Rae Brassell

Rae Brassell is the Founder of Sacred Medicine Sisterhood, where she has hosted many events from Red Tent Temples, Movie Screenings, International Women's Day Exhibits, Goddess Retreats and Wild Woman Weekends.  She is also a Women’s Trance Dance Facilitator, and has led workshops and ceremonies across the state. 

As a Board Member and the Events Coordinator at Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary, she plans the annual events as well as performing other volunteer duties.  

As a Disciple of and speaker on the Divine Feminine, she studies and searches for the history of the Divine Feminine across time within different cultures; as well as the struggles of women throughout history and today. She loves to share her knowledge with others, as well as advocating for the protection and care of Mother Earth.   A survivor of poverty, child abuse, child sexual abuse, and domestic violence; she seeks to be an advocate for marginalized peoples in whichever capacity she can.  That includes teaching boys and men that they are sacred too; advocating for their quest for wholeness.  As a mother of two boys Rae understands the impact a Mother has on her sons, and seeks to lead them in loving themselves as creation and creator, so that they may see the world (within and without) as holy. 

Raechel Morrow

Raechel Morrow, Depth & Spiritual Psychologist, Yoga Trainer, Speaker, Certified Yoga Therapist, and Certified Trauma Specialist.

After years of researching, learning, and working in the field of trauma treatment I was overwhelmed with the profound understanding of the value in actively seeking what was lost from the trauma of colonization. I began to remember parts of myself that had never been able to be expressed.

Life and my body slowly became more sacred. I learned the nature of reclaiming the intrinsic relationship with myself.

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Sarah Domin

I'm a sound & energy healer using a variety of instruments, including singing bowls, tuning forks, and wind gong. I'm attuned to a variety of energy healing modalities - to Master level in all of them. And I use crystals, smudge, prayer, mantra, and tapping to assist in opening and healing.


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