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Wild Woman Weekend

June 22-25 2023

6879 60th Ave, Remus, MI 49340

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Our Vendors

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Backwoods Medium

My mediumship started when I was about 20 years old. I noticed an intuition that would occur around pregnant women. After starting to pick up on these coincidences; I started to pay attention and began noticing my gifts evolved into recognizing spirits that were around me. Overall, it took about 4 years to recognize and develop my craft into what it is today. Learning and growing in this work never stops. I invest time and energy into my craft everyday to better my skills and mediumship to better serve my clients.

Mediums possess many different types of clairvoyant abilities, Mediumship is just one of many. My gifts include Channeling, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience. Those unfamiliar with Spiritualism may not be aware of the distinction between psychics and mediums. A psychic may not be a medium, for instance, but a medium is a psychic. Psychics use their intuition to sense information about the past, present, and future. Mediums take these abilities and use them to interact with the spirit world.

For more info please visit: link

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Dark Muse Designs

Dark Muse Designs has been in development for the last 10 years. In that time, a few woodburnings and glass etchings evolved into an expansion of products that now primarily include embroidered goods. We currently specialize in embroidery designs that are pagan and gothic in nature. We have grown to consign at Thrift Witch in Lansing along with vending at various events throughout the year. You will find many items for your home including wall hangings, towels, patches, plushies, banners, tote bags, keychains, and vinyl decals. We are always expanding our products so you never know what witchy goodies you may discover. Be bold and be proud to express yourself!

These products are brought to you by a working mother, wife, and proud pagan. Started out of the desire to decorate my home with items that displayed my beliefs, items that couldn't be found anywhere, I decided to create my own. This launched my business that now continues to grow in my free time. I believe in the pursuit of dreams and this has been my dream that I want to share with you! 

For more info please visit: link

Flowering Willow

Hand made creations, crafted with intention

Heather Courson

Heathers primary career, besides being a wife and mother of three boys, is as a professional makeup artist and has be mastering her craft for 20 years. She is the owner/master artist at Spataro Precision Aesthetics and though she works in all aspects of makeup, she specializes in Production: (commercial, film and celebrity).

For more info please visit: link

Mother Moon

Mother Moon was created to provide a source for information and supplies for those interested in alternative spiritual paths.

Mother Moon is located in downtown Saugatuck, Michigan, at 127 Hoffman Street, in the same building as the Uncommon Grounds Coffee Shop.
Our phone number is (269) 857-4407.

For more info please visit: link

Sacred Wisdom LLC

Hi, my name is Heather, I am a licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master Practitioner, Wise Woman Herbalist, Certified Yomassage Therapist and a High Priestess Novice. My 20 years of experience includes  work in many venues, including education for massage therapy.  I strive to create a safe and sacred space for anyone seeking healing. Healing is hard and feeling cared for and respected is sometimes difficult to find. I am a compassionate, non-judgmental facilitator of healing.

For more info please visit: link 

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Starshine Gardens

StarShine Gardens is a lifestyle brand offering artisan health, bath, beauty, and pet products that can be infused with the highest purity CBD.

For more info please visit: link

The Eclectic Crow

I am an eclectic witch, a priestess, a CNA coordinator and I possess a bachelors in family life education. I consider myself a lifelong learner and I am always striving to better myself. A lot of my work focuses on traumas and healing that needs to take place afterward. I am an advocate for mental health and enjoy writing rituals and leading myself AND folks closer to their personal goals through spirituality and proactive personal practice.

I also enjoy hiking, kayaking, fishing, travel, crafting gardening and foraging.

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The 3 Sisters Shoppe

We are an online based shop that makes and sells many hand crafted items, and some retail items, that was started in order to give back to our community through charities.
Much of the items that are made uses recycled items, are nature based and include crystals.
We make wire wrap jewelry, clay items, paper items, crochet items, gnomes, resin items, dreamcatchers and much more.

For more info, please visit: LINK

Third Eye Expressions

I am a certified Sound Healer in Crystal Bowls and Tuning Forks, while also selling my resin art products on the side. :) I make spiritual items like Mama Gaia's, Buddas, Owls, Tarot Card of Day Holders, incense holder and more! I am also working to be certified in Art Therapy so I can elevate my love for art and community, while incorporating my sound healing.  

For more info please visit: link

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