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Sacred Medicine Sisterhood dreams of  a future where every woman has the inspiration, support, and resources to awaken her full potential and inner Wild Woman.  Women and girls are the world’s greatest untapped resource, and we believe that empowering women is the fastest way possible to create global change.  Wild Woman Weekend is one way that we aim to contribute to this change.

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Sacred Medicine Sisterhood embraces and promotes the following values:

Self-Responsibility and Care: 

We prioritize and promote self-care, self-responsibility and conscious choice. This is where our power and potential resides for cultivating true and sustainable change

Ease and Simplicity: 

We continuously seek to simplify our structure and processes for the ease, enjoyment and benefit of all. We encourage this approach towards all areas of work and life to intentionally create greater harmony, flow and happiness.

Nurturing of Solutions: 

We encourage our team and guests to see how every challenge is “On the way, not in the way”, viewing every encounter as an opportunity for improvement and a way to get closer to our goals and dreams


We encourage all women to exercise courage in extending themselves to learn and implement new ideas, take risks, challenge their perspectives and express their fullest potential


We seek to nurture deep connection, exploration and celebration of true self, sisterhood and community to inspire authentic expression as well as collaborative and compassionate action for the betterment of all humanity.


We prioritize a harmonious relationship with the great mother our Earth, and the beings upon her by being mindful of our impact, and by making choices that are respectful to the land and those around us. 

This event is held at a wildlife sanctuary in Remus Michigan.  It is rustic camping, with an outdoor solar heated shower, and newly constructed out houses and porta-johns.  
We are a mini community of women, and work together as such, sharing costs and responsibilities. Our event is based on a tribal philosophy.  That means that everyone pays, everyone helps in some capacity,
and everyone is equal. 
  Anyone who charges money for their service will pay a vendors fee.    We produce very little trash, recycle, and leave it better than we found it. 
As a community of sisters we care for the land, for one another, and for ourselves. 

For the 6th year in a row we will be collecting donations of menstrual products for Every Woman's Place; a domestic violence shelter in the city of Muskegon, where we are located.  Every woman who registers will be asked to please bring a donation of pads, tampons, cups, cloth pads or other feminine hygiene products as they see fit.  Shelters are always in need of these items, and Sacred Medicine Sisterhood is happy to contribute where and when they can.  

Our first year!


Wolf Run Sanctuary, or other Hosting Entities, any Members, Owners, Council, Facilitators, etc. are not  responsible nor liable for any lost, stolen, damaged items, nor any injuries, no matter how minor or major.


All types of Camping are available — including but not limited to: 

∙ Tents 

∙ Recreational Vehicles (R.V.'s) 

∙ Campers 


You are responsible for your own trash and mess removal within your camping area at all times.


All Persons are asked to sign a Waiver of Liability upon their arrival at this Event. If any person is under the  age of 18 yrs, it is asked that a Parent / Legal Guardian be present to sign for this individual. 


Camping is considered PRIMATIVE, if you are staying in a tent, please be prepared for rain and rain damages. 


Bathrooms are provided for use by all. 


Due to risk of possible fires, it is asked that all Bar-B-Que grills, Charcoal or Gas, are to be off the ground a minimum of 12 inches and no open fire of any kind (other than the ones sponsored by the event) are  permitted at any given time. You will be asked to leave if you do not respect this, and you will not be given a refund. 


Lunches and Dinners are potluck or family style. Everyone is encouraged to participate, though you may opt out. You are on your own for breakfast and snacks. With enough volunteers and donations of items, we will cook breakfast on Sunday morning.


It is asked that no persons perform the following using WRWSS water: 

∙ Wash any RV, Camper, Etc 

∙ Fill water tanks, etc 

∙ Dump any / all waste or water within the grounds or on the road, ditch(s) etc.


All minors must be accompanied by an Adult 


No non-service animals are allowed during / at this Event   


To minimize programming interruptions, we ask you to sign in and get your camp set up sometime between Thursday and 2 pm Friday. We also advise you to arrive early for your choice of prime camping. Sign in table will  be on the right hand side of the drive near the parking area.  

If you want to arrive or set up before Thursday morning, do come ahead. Be prepared to be put to work once  you're set up. We need and appreciate all available hands Thursday morning to help with setup. Those who do  arrive early are on their own for meals. 

We strongly encourage you to try to be with us for the entire gathering. Comings and goings are disruptive on  many levels. You will surely agree this retreat is worth using a vacation day. We know life happens. We  encourage you to leave mundane business “out there,” as far as possible for the most potent gathering  experience. 



Photos are taken throughout the Retreat by volunteers and attendees. Please make it known if you do not wish to  be photographed. Unobtrusive photographing during programming is usually fine, however be sure to ask  facilitators before their program begins. Many don’t wish photos to be taken during ceremony. Please engage  respectfully. The subject will be addressed during Opening. 

With the prevalence of hand-held electronic devices today, we have established a strict policy of no use during  programming except by prior arrangement with facilitators. Please turn off or silent cell phones that are on your  person. This policy will be strictly enforced.  



Sacred Medicine Sisterhood has a zero tolerance policy for violence in any form at live gatherings, in publications,  and online. Threats of violence, sexual harassment, sexually explicit language, actions, or content, tactics of  intimidation, racial, ethnic, or religious slurs, slander, libel, malicious gossip, and physical assaults are examples  of violence which are not tolerated.  

Should a violent behavior arise at any Sacred Medicine Sisterhood sanctioned event, the Planning Committee or its representatives  will immediately investigate, assess, and take action based on their findings. Appropriate initial response to a  minor infraction is to review with the individual this Zero Tolerance Policy. 2nd, all parties involved will be given the opportunity to either explain to the community what happened and why during the daily circle, or they may leave and will not be welcomed back.  Two committee members, one of  whom is the event coordinator, editor, or moderator, may together, as deemed necessary, can and will impose an immediate ban, whereby the individual will be asked to leave the premises. Local authorities may be  called as necessary to maintain safety.  


The Red Tent Temple It is a temple to the Divine Feminine, and a sacred space for women to gather, share, and support one another.  It is to be treated with the utmost respect.  In order to maintain the sanctity of this space, there are certain rules that must be followed. Here are some guidelines for participating in a Red Tent Temple:

  1. Respect confidentiality: What is shared in the Red Tent stays in the Red Tent. This means that you should not share the personal stories or experiences of others outside of the Temple without their express permission.

  2. Honor diversity: The Red Tent is a welcoming space for women of all backgrounds, beliefs, and lifestyles. Please be respectful of others’ differences, and avoid making assumptions or judgments based on these differences.

  3. Practice active listening: When someone is speaking, give them your full attention and avoid interrupting or talking over them. This creates a safe and supportive environment for everyone.

  4. No advice-giving: The Red Tent is not a place for offering unsolicited advice or trying to “fix” others’ problems. Instead, focus on offering empathy, understanding, and support.

  5. Respect boundaries: Everyone has their own boundaries and comfort levels. If someone says they do not want to participate in a particular activity or conversation, respect their wishes.

  6. Leave distractions at the door: The Red Tent is a place to disconnect from the outside world and focus on connection with others. Please leave phones and other distractions outside of the Temple.

  7. Clean up after yourself: As a community space, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the Red Tent clean and tidy. Please clean up any messes you make, and leave the space as you found it.

  8. anyone under the age of 16 is not allowed within the Temple space without an accompanying person who is 16 or older, who is responsible for the younger person.


By following these guidelines, we can create a safe, supportive, and nurturing space for all women who enter the Red Tent Temple.

Handy Dandy Helpful List (of stuff you might want to bring) 


  1. Tent (camping is in a designated open area, first come first serve; Cars may be driven onto the gathering grounds  only to unload your gear, it MUST be parked in designated parking. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

  2. Sleeping gear such as sleeping bags, blankets, pillows etc.. 

  3. Food! We are doing Family Style or potluck meals this year for lunch and dinner. We will provide coffee, tea, and  water.  

  4. Camp/personal/toiletry supplies including insect repellent and sunscreen. 

  5. Medicine/ supplements etc. We will have a limited first aid kit. Closest hospital is a 20 minute drive.  

  6. There is a solar powered hot outdoor shower. The hand wash sink faucet supplies cold water only. Towels, washcloths etc. 

  7. Sunglasses and an umbrella are helpful! 

  8. Leave an extra camp chair at the Fire Pit, and a chair or cushion in the Temple, otherwise you will be dragging your  chair all around; there are picnic tables in the dining area.  

  9. Reusable camp dishes and table setting or compostable disposables.  

  10. A water bottle! It’s going to be hot, and you’re going to need to stay hydrated! 

  11. Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly; bring rain gear (there is limited shelter). 

  12. A watch or other device for telling time; please be self-responsible and manage your time wisely. You’re welcome  to spend the entire weekend not looking at a watch if you wish, but please don’t blame others if you don’t know  what time it is and the workshop started without you.  

  13. Drums, rattles, shakers, sticks, clappers, flutes, bells, didgeridoos, etc. for community drum (you are invited to  bring extras if you have them to loan to those who don’t).  

  14. Leave Sacred contributions by the sacred fire for camp use if you like (sage, sweet grass, tobacco, and copal are  common).  

  15. You may want to bring a journal, or art supplies. We will have a spot for quiet reflection and journaling with adult  coloring books and some supplies. You are welcome to bring more.  

  16. Money to pay for your goods/ Henna/ Reiki 

  17. Talents! We are having a talent show Friday night! It helps us all get to know one another, and we open up and  bond.  

  18. Something for the Trade Blanket. Sunday we will have a Trade Blanket. Everyone who wants to participate leaves  an item or more on the trade blanket. For every item that you leave, you get to choose another item off of the trade blanket.

  19. An open mind, an open heart, a sense of humor, and some humility. 


Donations needed
(We will announce where to put them before Opening Ceremony): 

  1. Please contribute 1 roll of septic safe toilet paper per person to keep the bathrooms supplied. 

  2. Optional donation: a breakfast item for the breakfast table for presenters and those in need (anything simple  you might find at a continental breakfast). 

  3. Optional donation: We are thrilled to accept your donations of Spiritual/Metaphysical/Esoteric books, and  items you're ready to pass on, pillows, fabric etc. for Red Tent. 

  4. Optional donation: A monetary donation for Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary to say thank you for  the use of the land.  

  5. We invite you to bring personal items to place on the altar for blessing, and Goddess imagery to add to the  collective Temple Space. Make sure it is marked somehow with your name unless it is a donation to the temple.  If it is not marked with your name and you forget it, it may become a part of the temple permanently.  

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